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Limited Time Offer For Early Birds!

UBEXMedia helps small businesses to get their message in front of the same audience as their larger competitors by offering affordable TV advertising packages.

We understand the struggle of the Small Business Owner and we are here for you.  The difference between small business and big business is visibility.  If you have a good product it doesn’t matter if no one sees it or knows about it.  Big companies understand this and so you always see them in TV ads, Billboard ads, radio, etc.  Now you can gain the visibility you need with affordable advertising through UBEXMedia.

UBEXMedia has access to Roku’s audience of over 80 Million viewers.  When you advertise on UBEXMedia, you help keep our platform going to provide a level playing field for Small Businesses to advertise.  You also help keep the platform alive to provide opportunities for emerging talent.

Get ahead of the curve with our special EARLY BIRD advertising package.

  • 52 Weeks of Prime Airtime: Your captivating 30-second ad will grace our screens every week for an ENTIRE YEAR!
  • Reduced Rate Guarantee: Lock in your advertising slot at an unbeatable rate, saving you money while maximizing your exposure!